Radio City Mission Christmas Toy Appeal14-Dec-2017

Every year, across Liverpool, Radio City holds Mission Christmas which raises awareness of..

Corporate Responsibility

Our People Commitment

We are committed to Professional Development Plans (PDP) and sharing best practice with clients, colleagues, and our supply chain.

Best practice includes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), as set out in our CSR policy document. We are an Investor in People Organisation.

The following are examples of how we put our CSR Policy into practice:

Supporting Charities, National and Local

D Morgan takes an active interest in the needs of charities, which has included raising £20,000 for a hospice.

Wildlife and Biodiversity, National and Local

D Morgan has been involved for many years in wildlife and  biodiversity through the National Wildlife Trust, and has worked in cooperation with the Groundwork Trust and the Forestry Commission, as well as financing community projects, making them possible, including pond restoration schemes.

Working with Communities

D Morgan has been active in the community providing financial assistance to numerous projects, including:

  • New play-ground equipment for schools
  • Repairs to community centres and local churches
  • Equipment for youth, scout, and sports groups
  • Pre-school playgroups
  • Car park extension for disability group
  • Sponsorship of local rugby and football club particularly girls and boys teams

Social Economic Benefits

High profile Framework contracts for one of our Local Authority Partners afforded us the opportunity to provide three year out placements from a University and a 13 week skills academy placement for 6 apprentices. We have a tradition of providing apprenticeships, supporting undergraduate training and graduate recruitment

We put our energy into securing the greatest local social and economic benefits, through construction activity, following the principles of LM3 (an impact measurement tool that measures how income is spent and re-spent in the local economy, especially when that local economy is in need of regeneration). The purpose of tracking and measuring this spending is to identify opportunities to strengthen linkages in the local economy so that efforts can be made to keep money circulating locally.

Considerate Constructors Scheme

We understand the importance of engaging with people and businesses within the locality of our contracts. To this end, where D Morgan is principal contractor,where appropriate and with the permission of our clients, we will register relevant sites with the Considerate Constructors Scheme. This means that D Morgan operations will be independently monitored for their impact on the environment, workforce and general public.