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D Morgan Behaviour Based Safety Programme


This past year the company has invested heavily in our Occupational Health and Safety System in order to improve our performance.

As part of this improvement, we have introduced a Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) Programme, with our aim TO ACHIEVE Zero Harm AT WORK and to ensure ‘‘...Everyone Goes Home Safely...’’
We already have an excellent safety record but with the introduction of BBS with improved awareness and our training programmes, we hope to be as vigilant as we can be in maintaining Award Winning high standards in the workplace with a well-informed and transparent approach to safety, health and wellbeing. This year we have launched our ‘Everyone Goes Home Safely’ campaign with the company changing all high-viz jackets and vests and on the new ones is a house logo with the words ‘Everyone Goes Homes Safely’ to constantly remind us all.

The Company has its coordinated strategy to deliver an accident free workplace incorporating the Behaviour Based Safety approach, to develop the right attitude and behaviours. At its heart the strategy requires ‘‘Everyone’’ to work safely, so that ‘‘Everyone Goes Home Safely’’. As a part of D Morgan’s Behaviour Based Safety programme we have launched – The D Morgan Way – a 24 page booklet setting out the company’s approach to delivering an accident free workplace.

Our BBS approach uses top down leadership and bottom up engagement to deliver….  

  • the right mind-set, to take reasonable care of yourself & ‘‘others’’, it’s your duty
  • better communication – looking after each other and able to voice concerns – speaking up
  • for safety – without fear of reprisals
  • a safer working environment for ‘‘everyone’’

Our SHEQ team (Adam Onyett – SHEQ Manager & Lee Davies – SHEQ Coordinator) have been leading the BBS roll out by will be delivering an introductory briefing to the Behaviour Based Safety (BBS) programme and the new “The D Morgan Way” booklet. The SHEQ team presented a series of presentations to cover all employees. The presentations consisted of a brief BBS Policy discussion, BBS Slideshow Presentation & Booklet page by page briefing.         

The below picture shows the final presentation and completion of the BBS Roll out for 2017