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D Morgan handed over Surf Snowdonia on time for its 1st August opening


This is a unique and transformational project that we are proud to have been the Main Contractor. The world’s first commercial onshore surfing lagoon has been created on the site of the derelict Dolgarrog Aluminium works in the Conwy valley in North Wales.

The £12m Surf Snowdonia uses “Wavegarden” technology to create consistent waves up to 2 metres  with waves of  1.2m and 70cm high in the different zones of the lagoon, to cater for different levels of ability. The waves are produced at a rate of one per minute, travel at a velocity of 6-7 metres per second and peel for 150 metres which gives the surfers a 20-second ride.

The family friendly facility includes a fun leisure pool, an indoor play centre, a central hub building with waterside restaurant, changing rooms, reception and retail area, a 100 pitch camp site, and landscaped car parks, external play areas, hard and soft landscaping. The project has attracted the interest of the world wide surfing community and it is anticipated   to attract annually in excess of 75,000 visitors to this part of North Wales.

Surf Snowdonia has been created on an 18.5ha contaminated site located in a beautiful and environmentally sensitive area, surrounded by sites of special scientific interest, adjacent to the tidal river Conwy.

Developed by Conwy Adventure Leisure, which was established in 2012 by Martin Ainscough, D Morgan commenced work in June 2015, constructing the lagoon 330m long x 113m wide. It is built to strict profiling and contours to create perfect waves and incorporates reinforced concrete housings at either end of a centrally located reinforced concrete channel that supports the wave making technology.

The cut and fill bulk earthworks exercise included the breaking up of existing brick and concrete hard materials and their reuse; the importing of a substantial quantity of hardcore; the remediation of contamination hotspots; the control of contaminated ground water and the general control of ground waters during construction. At Dolgarrog D Morgan have from the demolition arisings have crushed, recycled and reused on site 25,000m ³ of concrete; removed in excess of 300 tonnes of metal (mainly steel and copper) for recycling; removed for treatment and recycling 4 tanker loads of hydrocarbons and 17 lorry loads of contaminated waste.

The ground was very poor being situated in a deep glaciated valley, filled by the tidal River Conwy, necessitating the driving of piles of up to 55m.

The transformational nature of the project to the locality is enormous, converting a derelict contaminated factory site into a world class tourist and sports facility with over permanent 100 long term jobs in an area of high unemployment. D Morgan has contributed to this process by the recruitment of local labour and the engagement of a local supply chain.
We wish our client great success in this amazing venture.