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Hesketh Out Marsh East - Flood Defence and adapting to climate change in the Ribble Estuary


D Morgan is working as the earthworks subcontractor on A E Yates contract for the Environmental Agency at Hesketh Bank to construct flood defences.

The new flood defence scheme will use restored saltmarsh to absorb wave energy and tackle the effects of climate change on the Lancashire coast in the Ribble Estuary. D Morgan is raising and widening the existing inner embankment to a height of 7.8 metres using material from excavations that create new lagoons. Following the raising and widening of the inner embankment the outer embankment will be breached to allow tidal interchange between the site and the Ribble Estuary thereby creating an area of wetland within the confines of the site.

With the climate changing and the sea level rising, the Environment Agency recognised the need to plan for the future and create stronger sea defences, creating new estuarine saltmarsh habitats to replace losses elsewhere. The process is known as 'managed realignment'.  The saltmarsh acts like a sponge, soaking up some of the energy of the sea before it reaches the strong, new sea defences.

To take advantage of good weather D Morgan has accelerated the works by working longer hours and bringing more resources to the project.