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  • Value: £400,000

  • Client: Galliford try

  • Role: Sub Contractor

  • Overview:

    Flood alleviation works for the Environment Agency, to the River Douglas where it passes through the south of Wigan town centre which has a history of flooding from the river.

Scope of Works & Achievements

  • Contracted to form the clay core and shoulders to the dam, including - 
  • Excavation of material from downstream area to formation and haul better material to upstream side and lesser material to stockpile
  • Excavate & haul material from ‘treated’ area for use in the works
  • Tip, spread and level of fill in layers and compaction
  • Import clay (for core) and stockpile locally (ready to form core)
  • Place clay core - Construction of sand wall to clay core
  • Fill downstream side to sand blanket level.
  • Import sand and place as blanket layer.
  • Fill downstream area with stockpiled material