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  • Project: Whiston Hospital Demolition – St Helens & Knowsley NHS Trust

  • Value: £1m

  • Client: Vinci

  • Role: Sub Contractor

  • Overview:

    Demolition & dismantling of former Victorian Hospital building – a challenge made more complex by it being a ‘live hospital’, with several areas close to existing buildings and joined to existing buildings not being demolished.

Scope of Works & Achievements

  • Several different building types to be demolished including, timber frame, concrete frame, portable frame & brick buildings
  • Environmental strip and medical waste clean up
  • Asbestos strip and soft strip works
  • De construct roof structure.
  • Machine demolition of walls and above ground slabs
  • Remove slabs and foundations and backfill voids
  • Refurbishment and Demolition Asbestos Surveys. (Type 3)
  • Proximity of demolition area to existing / new hospital buildings necessitated challenging approaches
  • Live hospital - several areas are close to existing buildings and joined to existing buildings not being demolished, which require special attention and the requirement for parts to be dismantled by hand
  • Drainage required the break out of existing concrete slabs, excavation of trenches, installation of pipes and manholes, backfill and reinstatement of concrete - within the confines of a building