D Morgan PLC

Award Winning Partner of Choice for over 60 years

The D Morgan PLC Timeline shows you Capability, Scope, and Value of Work, completed throughout Scotland, Wales, England.

Founded in 1950 by Denis Morgan, (deceased 1978), our current Chairman & Managing Director, Denis Morgan replaced his father as MD, since when he has continued to shape the company as you see it today. Our business activities provide us with the opportunity to impact positively on the communities in which we operate. D Morgan PLC cares about the environment in all its forms and recognises that concern for the environment is an integral part of how we manage the business.

D Morgan PLC has succeeded over 60 Years solving problems for Clients, containing costs, providing innovative solutions. We are a people driven business, with a loyal workforce, our long service awards start at 25 years through to 40 year’s continuous employment.

D Morgan PLC Clients include Public Listed Companies, International Organisations, National House-builders, Project Management Contractors, Land Developers, Local Authorities, Central Government Agencies, and Privately Owned Companies.